Daniel and the Lions' Den

  • Daniel and the Lions' Den
The episode of the lion's den is the most famous passage of the Book of Daniel. Jealous of the favor he enjoyed at court, satraps denounce the prophet to King Darius for breaking the royal order according to which praying to any god or man except the king was forbidden, under penalty of being thrown into the Lions' pit. Spared by the wild beasts, Daniel leaves unscathed. The king sends his denunciators into the den where they are immediately devoured. 

The theological tradition ensured the success of the theme by recognizing in the place of execution an image of Hell and in Daniel's, a prefiguration of Christ at the sepulcher. 
In the upper register, the urban view combines ancient and medieval buildings, partly ruined, in the vein of the historical paintings that ensured the success of Francis de Nomé in Naples.

First half of the 17th century 
Oil on canvas 
44 x 73 cm 
Purchase from the City of Metz, 1991
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