The Waves

  • The Waves
Student at the Fine Arts School of Lyon, Le Moal painted his first paintings in Britain in 1928. Established in 1929 in Paris, he became friends with Alfred Manessier. Since his painting has deviated from realism after 1934, he attended the workshop of Roger Bissière at the Ranson Academy, met Jean Bertholle and the sculptor Étienne-Martin, and took part in the demonstrations in Lyon and in Paris of the group Témoignage . 

In the 1950s, Le Moal abandoned any figurative reference and any drawing that would suggest forms. He only retains from the landscape the variations of light and colors. The Waves , in the purple tones that he loves, transcribes the simmerings going through the moving surface of the ocean. 

Oil on canvas
70 x 140 cm
Purchase from the Jean-Louis Roque Gallery, Paris, 1962
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