Senilianus, a retiarius among the gladiators !

  • Senilianus, a retiarius among the gladiators !
A mosaic dated from the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD., discovered in 1969 at the Place Coislin in Metz, is today one of the major works composing the collections of the Golden Court Museum - Metz Métropole. Indeed, this beautiful polychrome composition that combines figurative iconography and geometric decoration depicts four gladiators during a combat whose names still appear clearly legible for at least two of them. Senilianus, the retiarius or Prudens, the secutor were probably stars who shone on the sand of the great amphitheater of Divodurum . Anyway, everything suggests that they were real fighters, true champions of the arena who were the pride of their coach and the joy of the public who attended their performances.
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